Partnership and Adoption

Our partners are so important to our mission, and we accomplish a lot together. We work with local rescues and animal lovers to provide the best shot at a forever home for these dogs. If you are a rescue needing dogs trained or an animal lover wanting to adopt we can’t wait to get you involved. Welcome Aboard!

Current Partners

Become a Partner

If you are a rescue and would like to partner with us, fill out the form below and our rescue coordinator will contact you. 

Name *

Adopt a Dog

Most dogs in our program need to be applied for directly through the partnering organization they are with. The specific partner organization information will be in the dog’s bio. Occasionally we will get a dog that is adopted directly through Circle Star K9 Rescue. If that is the case with a particular dog, the application needs to be filled out with us. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out and submit the following adoption application. The adoption agreement needs tp be printed, filled out, and brought in when you come to visit the dog. 

Name *

Please list the names, ages, and relations of ALL people living in your household

Please provide your landlord’s name and phone number (required info for renters)

Reason for Adopting *
What are your reasons for adopting? Please check all that apply

Are you willing to provide regular vet care for your new pet?

Do you agree to have regular check-ups for your animal, including all vaccinations?

Can you afford regular vet care for your new pet?

Please include their phone number (including area code)

Please include the following Info for all current animals: Name, Type, Age, Where you got the Animal, and Whether they are Spayed, Neutered, or Intact

Example: If everyone is at work between 8-4 on Monday, you would write Monday: 8-4

How do you plan to handle undesirable behavior such as chewing, accidents in the house, spraying, scratching furniture, excessive crying/barking, counter-surfing, etc?

By typing your name below, you are electronically signing the adoption application.

Date *


Adoption Agreement

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